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Differentiate between real leather and fake leather-Tuscany Bags Firenze

Check the surface of the Leather, look for wrinkles. Real leather will have wrinkles! Synthetic materials usually maintain rigidity and shape.

smell the Leather! The smell of natural leather is not similar to the smell of plastic, plastic-like or chemical. Real leather is made of many strands, which naturally flatten around the edges.

Faux leather or plastic has no tassels, has cleanly cut edges.

Bend the Leather and look for a slight discoloration. Similar to the "wrinkle test", real leather has a unique elasticity when the leather is bent.

Splash a small amount of water on the Leather, real leather absorbs moisture and therefore will also absorb some of the water. If the Leather is fake, you will be left with a "puddle".

The fire test: It is the most accurate test if there is such a possibility because real leather smells exactly like the smell of burnt hair, while fake leather will catch fire like plastic.

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