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Tuscany Bags collection of leather bags

A collection designed for women who love feminine and elegant bags with a modern touch. Such a timeless women's bag with golden details should be an extension of every woman's arm.

In the women's bag collection of Tuscany Bags, the feeling of luxury (at a reasonable price) is at the center. That's why all the bags are made of full leather, suede interior, special storage compartments and its familiar details in gold color like finlier.

A women's bag should not be missed in a modern outfit, so at Tuscany Bags they have thought of every occasion. A collection of handbags, shoulder bags, crossbody and to complete the collection a matching wallet. In addition to the elegant collection, we now also have a collection of handbags and crossbody bags. Enough choices!

A practical, stylish handbag for everyday use. In history, the modern purse is called a money bag. It was used to carry personal items such as documents, handkerchiefs and cosmetics. It is no different from the modern handbag. The bag is timeless, a fashionable item that goes with all clothes and is equipped with additional compartments such as for the mobile phone.

A shoulder bag is the most popular bag for most women. It's not so strange, because the shoulder bag is practical and holds a lot. The shoulder bag is equipped with different compartments. This makes the bag suitable for books, laptop, mobile phone, wallet, pens, makeup and so on. This makes the bag ideal for taking to school or work.

Something you should not miss in your wardrobe is of course the cross shoulder bag. You always have your things with you in style and comfort, because you can carry the bag diagonally across the body and over one shoulder. A lightweight leather bag, a must-have item for any busy woman who is always on the go. Whether it's for business or an elegant party. Crossbody goes with any outfit.

To complete your collection, Tuscany Bags have designed leather wallets that pair perfectly with the leather bags. Wallet, wallet holder, money holder or whatever you want to call it, a folder where cards, bills and coins are kept. This is a practical storage option that can be found in every woman's bag.

The quality leather bags of Tuscany Bags are equipped with details that represent chic and quality.

Calf leather bags last an extremely long time and the unique gold colored details mean that the bags fit perfectly with the outfit

Check out Tuscany Bags' range of women's leather bags and choose a bag that suits your personal style! Did you find a nice leather bag? So just order it through the online store! Your order will be carefully packed, with a touch of Tuscany Bags Don't wait too long and complete the look!

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