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Tuscany Bags

TUSCANY BAGS Luxury leather bags for women and men

Wisdom and reliability:

Our leather products are products derived from the ancient experience and tradition of Tuscan art in the field of tanning leather products. Our products develop over time to meet the new needs in the field of ergonomics and practicality without changing the traditional message inherited from Tuscan artists from the nineteenth century. Many of our works still have ancient forms with the modern features of the twenty-first century. This is the characteristic and one of our advantages. High quality leather and attention to detail are the elements we strive to make into our authentic works as representatives of Tuscan art.

The excellence of our products is a result of the union between tradition and contemporary values. It is in our interest that the complete final product meets the modern requirements of practicality and ergonomics while creating trends and respect for the environment.

Vegetable tanning (leather coloring): The Tuscan area of ​​Santa Croce Salarano is where our creations come to life ... within the supply chain that takes care of the product from the selection of materials to the finish of each of our products and all with strict respect for the environment. Thanks to the environment, vegetable tanning is the mainstay of our production philosophy. We use natural ingredients, tannins that give the leather its special properties and warm shades that bring to the surface the naturalness of authentic vivid colors.

Our ancient art looks to the future, to an authentic way of life in harmony with the terrain, an expression of value that we want to make in the creation of an excellent product !!

Over the years the company has won various awards including the "ITALIA 2011" award presented by "UNICREDIT" the most important Italian award dedicated to Italian companies.

Our leather products come with a warranty seal, warranty certificate and anti-counterfeiting hologram.

The warranty is valid for the 24 months after purchase.

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