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The women's leather bag never goes out of style, there are always new designs, the material prevails over time and becomes one of the favorites each season.

Leather is a great companion, and when it comes to this type of clothing, different models can be made for different uses, such as for travel, for everyday use, to wear to the office and more.

When looking closely at one that has been made of leather, you can see the great difference with others, including those that are made of synthetic materials.

In addition, any product, accessory, or garment made of leather is friendlier to the environment, because it does not require chemicals that can be harmful, and the durability means that the rate of consumption of this type of product is not so high.

Leather, on the other hand, is recyclable, so it's definitely a great alternative for those of us who are environmentally conscious.

So, it is convenient to take advantage of the characteristics of leather when buying bags, products or garments, and then we will present you why it is the best option you have.


Leather bags are durable

First of all, take into account the factor of durability. This women's garment, made with leather, has more quality and durability. So you can give it daily use without any problem and it will retain its properties.

The quality of the tension of the leather makes the chances of wear and tear minimal.

When you buy a synthetic one, the durability and resistance is not the same. So take advantage of this characteristic of leather and wear a bag that always looks new.

is a timeless

Body bags never go out of style. Although synthetic leather manufacturers are always launching different models on the market.

You can wear them in any season of the year. In fact, there are some with really impressive styles and designs.

The convenience in terms of resistance and durability is a great factor, if you add its timeless characteristic, then you know that you have a product that will never go out of style, and that will wear with all kinds of outfits and for any occasion.


It is a natural product

The leather is derived from animals, in the case of Perré we sell different leather garments for women and men, whose material comes from animals intended for food consumption, the skin is used and in this way cruel practices are not resorted to, but we are eco friendly

On the other hand, if you buy synthetically produced bags, you are contributing to practices that are unfriendly to the environment, and to the use of chemicals and dyes that are not friendly.

The best thing is that you buy them made of leather, that way you will have quality and you will be contributing to sustainability, circular economy and environmental well-being.

no bad odors

Another advantage is that they do not have bad odors. The smell of leather is mild, and it does not emit toxic odors like synthetic products.

You can use them at times of the year with high temperatures, and there will be no problem.


Leather is a truly extraordinary material for all types of products, it provides qualities that are very convenient, including flexibility.

This flexibility allows you to have a garment without marks from use, that does not deform and that does not present rigidity when it comes to accommodating your belongings inside.

We invite you to explore our products in the online store, and thus discover leather bags for women and other articles and accessories made of leather.

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