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Florentine Leather Bags: The Perfect Souvenir from the Heart of Tuscany

Florentine Leather Bags: The Perfect Souvenir from the Heart of Tuscany
Florentine Leather Bags: The Perfect Souvenir from the Heart of Tuscany

Florence of leather bags: luxury Italian leather goods made to perfection a real gem located right in the heart of a city

Historically. In Florence: the capital of Tuscany, an inspiring travel destination, and the dream of every leather bag lover. Home to some of the world's greatest masterpieces, this historic city has a well-deserved reputation for art, craft and design unmatched by so many others. You only have to spend a day exploring the medieval metropolis to see some of the most amazing architectural and decorative works in the world, all of which remind us of how we as humans possess the unique ability to shape our world in a way that suits our changing needs and desires. Also, before making a pilgrimage to any museum we can see how each carefully placed stone reflects back to us, the higher points of human innovation, while somehow pushing us to develop a deeper cross-cultural understanding of our own creative abilities. Whether it's the Duomo, a statue of David or the Cathedral of Santa Maria, each building tells the story of an "Awakening" - a unique time period characterized by major socio-cultural, political and philosophical changes. Every magnificent creation of Florence has stood the test of time and continues to stand firm in place despite thousands of years of continuous transformation. However, none seem to be more daring than the magnificent Ponte Vecchio. Dating back to the 10th century, this historic building served as the main gathering place for Old World merchants and modern craftsmen alike. It has survived massive floods, fires and devastating world wars, making it a true mecca for artists and designers of all kinds. One quick stroll down the quay presents you with an array of warmly lit shop windows and glittering jewelery displays that captivate the crowds, yet just meters away from all this dazzling opulence is what I see as Florence's true hidden gem - leather handbags so sumptuous, they're sure to stop any A handbag lover on their trail. and is described as producing leather bags that are "the perfect blend of quality, uniqueness and excellence;" A bold but true statement that I was able to confirm after my first experience. I remember when I walked into the store I was immediately taken back by how even the atmosphere seemed like this kind of special Florentine style elegance. After a few moments of grounding, I found myself being ushered through the back door into an upstairs salon by the equally stylish shopkeeper. I can't tell you what my immediate reaction was when I got upstairs. All I know is that I was surprised by the complete sensory experience I had: showing dozens of contemporary styles that paid homage to the popularity of leather bags, the feel of their textured exotic skins contrasted with the smooth mahogany of the shelves they rested on. The smell of the hot coffee was offered to me. The sound of the rhythmic tone changes is heard during the brief exchange between the husband and the shopkeeper in their native language. (I like to imagine that he said: "Give my dear queen everything she wants!", but I could be wrong ...) And finally, the feeling of being surrounded by real luxury. Not a spectacular luxury type of attention to leather bags, but a quality luxury. A wealth that only comes from the time of perfecting the smallest details. Every angle was taken into account, every seam was taken into account.

This local brand made me understand what wallet culture is all about. The extensive creative custom made process of leather handbags only appreciates and has turned me into a complete enthusiast. As such, I spent what felt like hours choosing my first collection piece. I studied the colors, analyzed weight and started growing on the different structures until I created the perfect leather bag. A beautiful dark turquoise bag with all the fixings: sturdy exotic leather, vibrant paintwork and sterling silver hardware. Like the more famous Renaissance pieces I admired that day, Parry's tailoring pieces could speak and say to me, "We will stand the test of time. We are here to stay." Of course, anything of this quality doesn't come without a price; Check out our guide to international VAT taxes to find out how you can save the most on these luxurious leather goods.

Beautiful bags from Italy: Leather bags first popped up on my Instagram feed, I jokingly sent it to a friend who was always losing his AirPods. The case is so tiny AirPods are about all it can hold, but if you've decided against using a mini Chiquito to house your AirPods today, you're in luck. Suddenly it seems that all our favorite designers are making beautiful bags from Italy: leather bags our most precious technological accessory. When I say ours, I mean you, since I can't say I'm part of the AirPods club. I use Beats Wireless headphones for running and just can't bring myself to purchase a pair of "everyday" wireless headphones, but I digress. If you're one of the many who go for a long, fuzzy string iron and you love designer products than we've covered. Not surprisingly, designers like Burberry, Bottega Veneta and Dior are adding AirPods cases to their tech accessory lines. Louis Vuitton also joined this trend, if beautiful bags from Italy: leather bags are still available for sale online. browse

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