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When it comes to grouping and protecting documents, we all use folders. However, we rarely pay attention to their quality. The use of folders made with generic and disposable materials is common; perhaps due to ignorance of the multiple benefits of leather folders. These are similar to disposable folders, but made with genuine leather, sewn by hands, carefully made and designed to provide protection and elegance to those who use them. Considered luxury by many, these types of items are actually more than just ostentation. They are useful and beneficial complements for their owners. Today we are going to review what leather folders are and what they are for. We will reveal 3 not well-known benefits of this type of office gadgets.

WHAT ARE LEATHER FOLDERS? Leather folders are stationery items used to store and protect documents. Like traditional folders, these consist of a sheet with a surface greater than that of DIN A4 size, although they also exist in Oficio-type bins. Although its traditional use is the protection and grouping of documents, there are designs that have other uses. Among them: Safeguarding of identity documents in case of trips Keeping in the vehicle the circulation documents required by the authorities Work. These are the folders that, in addition to storing, allow you to prepare material: they usually bring a notepad or a pack of sheets, as well as pens and material to write or make stickers Carry restaurant menus. For this use, leather folders are particularly popular.

TYPES OF LEATHER FOLDERS Leather folders can come in multiple models. Although there are traditional ones, which consist of two sheets inside which the documents to be stored are placed, there are also other kinds of folders. These are those that incorporate some type of additional function or extra gadget, with the aim of rendering its functionality to the maximum. We are going to see the main types of leather folders that exist. Leather folders for desks. Similar to generic folders, their difference is that they are made of leather, which makes them more elegant and durable. Leather folders with ring. They contain in the center a series of rings to carry documents with perforations. This type of folders are used so that in addition to the receipt, the documents maintain the same shape during the time they remain stored inside. Leather folders with closure. Those that have a closure, on the other hand, are designed for a hermetic closure. The closure or zipper covers from the spine of the folder to all its ends, allowing the user to close the folder completely, to protect or hide its content. Other models may include clips, sheet packs, and internal dividers. In these cases we speak of leather folders that also have a use in terms of preparing and classifying written documents.

3 NOT VERY KNOWN BENEFITS OF LEATHER FOLDERS Although at first it might be believed that the only benefit of leather folders is that of having the documents grouped in a single object, there are many more. Leather folders are versatile, in terms of uses and aesthetics. This variability means that, in addition to the best-known benefits of leather folders, there are other advantages of using them. We are going to see 3 not very well-known benefits of leather folders.

1 ELEGANCE FOR YOUR BUSINESS We told you before that some restaurants use leather folders to show their menus to their guests. They do it to give a sense of elegance and prestige to their brand. Leather folders are therefore a very good investment in your business, regardless of its branch. Don't you want your clients to notice that they are dealing with a professional and distinguished company?

2 PROFESSIONAL IMAGE OF YOUR PERSONAL BRAND If instead you have a personal brand or are an independent professional, having a leather folder will give you a better image. Be it for a presentation, a delivery or when making your first meeting with a potential client. Leather folders will make your interlocutor understand that you take it seriously and that you are a reliable professional.

3 ORDER AND PLANNING In addition to the image for third parties, we must not forget that leather folders are highly functional objects. Having one for your daily use makes it easier for you to organize documents and your daily obligations. In addition, as they can be easily transported, and ensure the protection of their content, using them every day allows them to become another work tool.

CONCLUSION Leather folders are elegant and functional accessories for your personal or professional life. Elegance in its finish adds value to your image or that of your company. Its functionality, on the other hand, makes your day-to-day desktop activities easier. If we add to this its price and durability, we are facing a good investment to incorporate it into our office supplies.

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