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There is no doubt that leather backpacks are an evergreen accessory. In fact, the handcrafted leather backpack is a model that has always been appreciated, both by men and women, for its characteristic design, for its practicality of use and for its incredible versatility that makes it a perfect accessory on multiple occasions. In fact, whether you want to take a city tour or spend a weekend out of town, the backpack is the perfect bag to always have everything you need close at hand without sacrificing style and comfort. The backpacks leave your hands free and are suitable for any season. Tuscany Bags - Artisan leather backpacks: its characteristics Backpacks are characterized by some essential qualities that make them a practical, versatile and trendy accessory. Surely, when buying leather backpacks you need to evaluate the comfort. In fact, the presence of adjustable and soft shoulder straps is certainly an important factor to consider, as well as the presence of a padding that makes it really pleasant and not tiring to wear the backpack even for a long time. When choosing the backpack it is good to consider the size, not only thinking about what it should contain, and therefore if it is used daily or as a travel companion, but also in relation to your body size. For this, the backpack should adapt to the length of the torso, without being excessively small or oversized and reach the legs. The typical color of the leather, which in any case includes different variations of shades, makes the backpacks a very versatile solution for men and women, easy to combine for trendy outfits: for example, a must among the combinations is certainly what the leather backpack sees. with winter colors, such as green, yellow, orange, mustard and ocher, but it also lends itself well to being worn with gray and pink or blue. Models of leather backpacks back in fashion There are many leather backpacks to choose from, but each model has characteristics that make it special and therefore more suitable for a specific style or a specific occasion. Certainly always appreciated, are the leather backpacks with a vintage and lived-in air: these models, perfect for those who love to dress casual and chic, are characterized by different shades of brown and for the soft lines and shapes, while the presence of various compartments and pockets with zip makes this accessory practical for every moment. These are unisex backpacks, therefore suitable for both a male and female audience. Over the last few years, Florentine leather backpacks with a slightly hipster look have been making a comeback, those reminiscent of old satchels with buckles. Their rectangular shape and the presence of several pockets make these backpacks perfect for work and for storing tablets, PCs and other office accessories. Despite the old school look, these leather backpacks are now available in different colors, even more original than the classic brown or black. Then there are some models of women's backpacks that manage to combine the practicality of this model with a trendy and elegant style. Small in size, this backpack bag can be perfect for a variety of occasions, from everyday to night out. The difference, in this case, is certainly the coloring: in addition to the classic brown color typical of leather, an alternative for elegant backpacks is the total black leather, and the models enriched with different types of decorations. Rhinestones, studs, embroidered decorations and craftsmanship directly on the leather allow you to give these backpacks a different and decidedly particular air. The right combination is not only with classic jeans for a more casual look, but also with a skirt or sheath dress. Also for women's backpacks, different colors and different models are available to satisfy every need.

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