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Italian leather bags - TUSCANY BAGS

Art of leather products in Tuscany

A story to tell

There is a world to tell behind the skin material, base and hero of many and varied options in fashion. A story full of surprises that still today has not ceased to surprise, a story that goes back generations and crystallized into an entrepreneurial reality capable of ensuring the highest standards in the production process.

Tuscany Leather Products

Italian leather products are a guarantee of excellence in the world, and among the various tanning districts of the boot, Tuscan has a particularly prestigious history and reputation. The region is the beating heart of the production of Italian leather products, especially of high quality and luxury. Even today, the area is home to the most important international brands in the sector and small family-run artisan shops, of which we in Tuscany proudly share bags and which today we want to tell ... We are ready to immerse you in an exciting journey into the heart of the swimming experience. A real experience capable of accompanying consumers and lovers of this material within a framework consisting of the beauty, history, art and magic of the processing of the raw material.

Leather items

The tradition

The beginning of the history of leather products in Tuscany refers to two provinces that are considered part of the Italian production tradition: the so-called leather province that extends between different municipalities in the province of Pisa and Florence and the province of Santa Croce Solarno considered the province of Pisa and Florence. The flagship of a real flower of this manufacturing industry. In particular, the artisans of this area have proven that they are very skilled in skin processing, facilitated by the presence of the river and the wooded reserve that surrounded the town, necessary for the production of plant tannins with the help of the skins that become skin. tanned. The master craftsmen of 'Florentine leather' work by hand to this day, producing beautiful handbags, practical backpacks, but also accessories for tobacco, purses and elegant footwear.

The Florentine Quieto

Centuries have passed, but still today Florence and Tuscany have maintained a thriving business in leather and leather processing. In addition to the obvious use of these materials in the field of clothing, accessories and footwear, leather binding of small table items, jewelry boxes, smoking items and common play. The artistic binding of leather objects is done in an ancient technique that requires great skill. The technique is called "Florentine Artificial Skin Processing". After the cover, the artist continues the decoration operations with applications of other materials, with inlay or with fire engravings. Despite the mechanization of several stages, most of the operations are still carried out by hand, with obsessive care and precise quality control in each model. Even the stylistic proposal tries to stay consistent with the rustic-chic soul that has always distinguished Tuscan leather products, while trying to innovate to keep up with trends and capture a wider and wider audience.

We at Tuscany Bags also offer a wide stylistic offer created by the skilled hands of artists, out of full respect for the great centuries-old history of art that has made Tuscany famous all over the world.

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