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How to choose a bag - Tuscan leather bags

How to choose a bag - Tuscan leather bags

A women's bag is not just an everyday accessory, it is a necessary item that no woman can do without. A properly chosen model effectively complements a stylish look, it should go well with other wardrobe items and the character traits of the owner. Let's take a closer look at how to choose the right women's bag, and what parameters to pay attention to when choosing in the first place.

How to choose a bag for its purpose: the main options

Contrary to popular belief, a woman can not get by with a single bag for every occasion. There should be several must-have options in the wardrobe, and each has its own purpose. All types of women's bags can be divided into several main groups according to their purpose:

work. It is important for a business lady to know how to choose a bag for every day, because she will have to carry important documents, books, a diary and other items. A common solution has become a briefcase, the size should be such that it can easily fit A4 documents into it. A good solution would be products of strict geometric shape in black or discreet brown.

About every day. The selection of such models is much wider: every year fashion designers offer new and interesting solutions. An everyday accessory should be practical and easy to use. The best option would be a medium-sized bag made of genuine leather with pockets and a large number of internal compartments. They can contain keys, phone, cosmetics bag, etc., everything will be easy to find.

To the exit. Every evening or social event is impossible without a small and elegant clutch bag. The clutch should be a spectacular addition to an outfit, so you need to decide on the style, color and shape.

To the shopping store. The wardrobe should have a spacious shopping bag that will be comfortable to carry for a long shopping time. You can choose a discreet and at the same time stylish model with durable handles.

to the beach . This is a cool and original accessory that you can take with you on vacation to take with you the necessary things. The material must be waterproof, then the bag can be left on the beach.

Thus, to answer the question of how to choose a bag for women, first of all, decide on the purpose of the product. It is necessary to collect at least one option of each type in the wardrobe

Forms of women's bags

The next issue worth noting is the shape of an everyday women's bag. It is chosen depending on the height of the girl, style preferences, lifestyle. You need to focus not only on aesthetics but also on practicality: if the model turns out to be uncomfortable, it will lead to constant everyday discomfort. The most common types of bags:

Hobo (hobo bag). This is a so-called half moon bag with one lock without a solid frame. This is a practical option for everyday carrying and shopping, but do not use this bag for business papers. Because the accessory does not have a strong frame, they can crease quickly.

A schoolbag is a great option for an active resident of the metropolis. Outwardly, such a bag is similar to a classic bag with buckles, which is a good option for documents. As well as to many everyday things. It will appeal to lovers of classic style.

Bag. These bags are very large, such models have an open top and two handles. This is a great option for shopping, but for everyday wear they will be too bulky. Another disadvantage is the lack of a fastener, so it is easy to lose various small items.

Frame bag - a bag with a solid frame and one handle. Such a product retains its shape perfectly and does not allow valuable items to wrinkle or break.

clutch. A clutch is a small evening bag. It is designed for special events and outings. Such products are often made of fabric, but leather models are also common. The clutch must be bright, stylish, sophisticated, it is chosen as a piece of jewelry for a particular outfit. Black color can be called a universal option.

How to choose a bag by color

An equally important question is what color of bag to choose to harmoniously match a casual or evening look. According to the requirements of the classic style, the bag was chosen so that it is combined with gloves and shoes, but now the fashion laws have become looser. The accessory can be combined with any part of the wardrobe, the main thing is that it fits well into the overall concept of the outfit. The bag should not blend in color with the dress, as in this case it will simply be lost against the background of the main outfit.

If the financial options are limited, it is best to renew the cabinet in a practical bag of black, brown or white. The simplest option is one dark bag and one light one for each day, this will allow you to choose the right solution for most everyday looks. A well-chosen bag is slightly different in color from clothes, but at the same time blends in harmoniously with the overall color scheme.

The choice of color of accessories depends largely on the time of year. In winter, most girls prefer to wear bags of practical dark colors, but in spring and summer, a variety of colors is welcome. For example, a bright colorful summer dress will look great with a bag in any color except black or gray.

Choice of material and size of the bag

To decide how to choose the right bag, you need to provide the harmony of the image. The accessory is chosen so that it fits harmoniously with the image and matches the height and structure of the girl.

For tiny women, it is best to refuse large bags with short carrying handles on the shoulder. Such an accessory will visually reduce the growth even more, as a result, the character will look comical. Tall skinny girls will not fit into tall bags: they will visually become an elongated figure. Owners of fancy shapes should be especially careful: a bag that is too large will make the figure cumbersome. When choosing a casual option, you can choose a medium-sized product, it should be beautiful bright accessories. The right choice of model will emphasize the dignity of the character and disguise the flaws.

Another important parameter to choose is the material. Before choosing a leather bag, evaluate the financial options. Genuine leather products are expensive and require proper care: the bag will need to be protected, such a product will be bought for more than one year. If the financial options are limited, you can choose a suitable model from quality leather: the technology has stepped forward, it is difficult to distinguish between artificial and natural leather.

For summer, plastic or textile bags will be a good solution. They have lighter and freer colors, plastic goes well with teen style outfits.

Leather bags: selection and care rules

If you still want to give priority to real skin, it is important to know how to choose a good leather bag. When choosing, you need to pay attention to the following parameters: quality of leather clothing. The softer the product, the more expensive it is, but quality leather lasts a very long time and does not lose its aesthetic appearance.

Line quality. All seams should be uniform and neat: protruding threads and curved lines indicate poor quality and fragility of the product.

lining. Be sure to check the inside of the bag. The lining must be strong and tidy, otherwise it will tear quickly, and the bag will become uncomfortable.

smell. Genuine leather without low quality chemical dyes smells good, it is one of the hallmarks of quality. The unpleasant odor of chemicals indicates poor processing, it is better to refuse such a purchase.

Details and accessories. The lock, the belts, the straps - it all has to be durable and high quality. A belt that is suddenly broken or a lock that is broken will cause a lot of discomfort and therefore a thorough inspection is needed.

Choosing a women's portfolio Daily is a responsible task. You have to go with it for a long time, so you need to pay increased attention to the quality and comfort of the product, not forgetting the external beauty.

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