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In the assortment of a leather goods or clothing and footwear shop, handcrafted leather bags cannot be missing. They are very versatile products, appreciated by both women and men, which also represent a symbol of TuscanyBags made in Italy.

Colored bags, special handbags and the simplest women's leather bags of different sizes and with various decorations, are items that allow you to satisfy the needs of a large female clientele who can buy these products for themselves or as a gift.

Furthermore, it is also possible to select models of men's leather bags, from the classic bag to the most current backpacks, without forgetting the practical travel bags.

Women's Brands leather bags, which ones to choose for your shop

Women's leather bags are evergreen accessories of the female wardrobe. In fact, thanks to the possibility of having a wide range of models available, it is easy to find the perfect bag to complete any outfit and suitable for any occasion. Not to mention that, sometimes, as in the case of special handbags, it is this accessory that catches the eye.

It will therefore not be difficult to identify which types of women's leather bags are suitable for your shop. You can choose to focus more on classic women's bags to be on the safe side, but you can also enrich the assortment with colored bags, clutches or bags in white leather that are decidedly trendy and current. All this, of course, must be evaluated based on the preferences of your customers and the style of your shop.

However, a good idea is to always include special handbags in the assortment of your store that will surely satisfy the taste of younger, whimsical and fashion-conscious customers, always looking for an accessory that stands out.

The particular handbags are made such not only by original shapes and colors, but also by small details such as the shoulder strap or the closure. They range from women's leather bags with different textures, even with animalier inserts or all-over prints, to clutch bags with chain shoulder straps or with eye-catching buckles that carry the designer's logo for those who love to dare, up to the simpler models , also perfect for an elegant outfit and formal occasions, enriched with rhinestones, shiny studs or with small pendants.

Regardless of the types of women's leather bags to buy for your shop, what matters is to offer quality products made with craftsmanship that combines tradition and design.

White leather bags, an accessory that is back in fashion

The white leather bags have been a great classic of women's fashion of the past years and today, instead, they are back in vogue, albeit in a revisited and more current version.

Although white leather bags are mostly worn during the summer season, it is an accessory that can be used 365 days a year. The new trends, in fact, have made these particular bags perfect for any occasion, from informal appointments to work events, up to social evenings, especially if combined with shoes of the same color.

Over the shoulder, in the pochette version, round or in the classic baguette version that has been a style icon of the big brands in the fashion world, today among the colored bags there are more and more these white models, real must-haves to offer to its customers who will conquer the youngest and the ladies of age.

Then, especially in the artisanal leather processing, white is never a single color: in fact, there are many shades of this shade, from ivory, off white or butter-colored that characterize these elegant and fashionable handbags.

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