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תיקי עור טוסקני -FIRENZE

תיקי עור טוסקני -FIRENZE
תיקי עור טוסקני -FIRENZE

Investing in a high-quality luxury leather bag is good and true, but if you want it to serve you for years, you cannot fail to take care of it at its best. That's the only way you can be sure that you've found a (fashion) friend for life... but how to maintain designer leather bags so that they remain intact for a long time?

Here are 10 foolproof tips for taking care of a luxury leather bag! A luxury leather bag is definitely not bought every day... so it is right to protect it and keep it, like all other designer bags

Water repellent spray. Before wearing your designer bag, you should spray it with a sealing spray. This small precaution prevents water stains and minimizes the risk of dirt.

2. Always carry a small plastic bag in your bag. In case of sudden rain,

3. Quick drying. If your leather bag gets wet, you should quickly dry it with a cloth. If for some absurd reason the water got in, fill the bag with paper and let the bag dry at room temperature. Remember: leather bags should never be near heat sources.

4. Not in the sunlight. Direct sunlight can make the skin brittle, damage it and dry it out. So make sure to always leave your bag in the shade.

5. Custody. Instead of haphazardly tossing it in a closet or even on the floor, keep your designer bag in a dust bag (they often come with one) and store it on a high shelf in the closet, as far away from dust as possible. To keep its shape intact, fill it with tissue paper.

6. Customer service. If any part of the bag (for example the opening button or the chain) is broken or damaged, the first thing to do is to call the store where it was bought. Many luxury companies provide a free repair service.

7. Skin care. There are special treatments for each skin type. Before proceeding with the DIY, it is always best to read the instructions linked to each model.

8. Scratches and stains. In case of scratches or stains, you should take the bag to professional cleaning. Warning: If this is done by incorrect means, the defects may increase.

9. Order. Absolute chaos prevails in most exchanges. Ponytails, keys, perfume, pens, etc. They may damage the lining of your bag: for this reason it is better to store the various objects in small cosmetic bags, in order to always find everything and the lining to remain like new. 10. Choking hazard. In order for the skin to remain soft and smooth, the skin needs to breathe. Therefore, avoid storing the bag in plastic bags with the change of season: the leather may dry out and crack. Cloth bags and cardboard boxes are always preferred.


TUCANY BAGS. I bought it several years ago, and it was my first taste into the leather bag market

A high and prestigious bar. I carried the red bag and the feeling was wonderful. My first bag was really the bag that started my obsession with leather bags

However, a year and a half later, I saw a new TUSCANY BAGS bag that caught my eye. For NIS 900, an amazing bag.

Today I have a really huge bag collection. After more than 12 years, Little by little I started building my bag closet, and in the last few years I've been trying to make more sensible purchases, I still own dozens of bags. Not everyone is Chanel or Hermès - there are many contemporary designers and the largest collection is of the TUSCANY BAGS leather bags -, full value for money, fine leathers of the highest quality. Since people know what I do, they ask to borrow bags quite often. Sometimes I said yes, only to ask for that particular bag for weeks on end, and mentioned that this person would never use my bag again. Sometimes I just say no, as politely as possible, but is there really a polite way to tell someone you don't feel like sharing? I haven't had many people directly ask and ask to borrow one of my most beautiful bags (I take that back - someone asked me for the TUSCANY backpack and I said no),...we try to teach our kids that they are supposed to share, but I found out with some From my mom friends, while I agree with sharing as a whole, I also don't believe our kids should always share their favorite toys. So what makes it different when I'm older?? Telling someone I don't want to share my favorite bag is better than when a kid says they don't want to share their favorite item? It's a long conversation, I'm sure some of you will have thoughts! But back to the cases. In college I used to share clothes with my roommates often, and it usually turned out well. I can't think of many times that someone I shared with destroyed an item I owned, and most of my clothes weren't incredibly expensive, so it didn't hurt to share.

But share different designer handbags. We all know it, and our friends who want to borrow know it, too. They cost a lot of money, many of them are thousands of shekels each, and we want to get into the conversation of 'if you destroy this case, do you have to repair it?' I don't want to, but I also don't want to skip sharing altogether. There are a handful of friends that I know will replace a bag immediately if something happens to it while they're using it, but there are many others that I don't know what the outcome will be, and I'd always rather avoid a problem with a friend that should never even have been a problem. Sharing a leather bag falls into that category for me. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I'm super crazy about my bags and I clearly know that there are more important things in life than a bag, but I also prefer to avoid drama, and this is one of those situations because it seems like it won't be drama, but could easily turn into drama. What about you - do you share your leather bags with friends?

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