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Types of women's handbags-Tuscan handbags

A handbag for women is a regular companion of every lady. Traditionally, pockets were not created in women’s clothing, and ladies were forced to carry the necessary minimum of things in elegant handbags and handbags. The well-known word "mesh" returns to the French réticule, meaning "mesh", "pouch". Modern fashionistas can choose from dozens of different types and models of handbags, each with its own advantages. Let's take a closer look at the most popular types of women's handbags to make it easier to understand the fashion world.

The main types of women's bags and their names

Knowing the types of bags and their names, it is easier to navigate and choose the appropriate option in size and shape. The choice should take into account the goal: some varieties are comfortable to carry with you every day, others are only suitable for going out or having a picnic in nature. Some of the most common types can be listed:

Small bags with a strap that is usually worn on the wrist. Such an accessory contains only the minimum necessary of items, it can be elegant or casual. Convenient to take with you a lightweight wallet for a movie or a friendly party.

clutch. The clutch is also a small handbag, but it is only meant for spending an evening, going to the theater, a restaurant, etc. The classic clutch has no strap, it is worn only by hands, however, models can be found fitted with an elegant thin chain to wear over the shoulder.

A baguette is an elongated women's bag with rigid handle straps. The most comfortable to carry such a bag on the shoulder under the arm, is quite spacious and practical. A shoulder baguette is suitable for short girls, you can put an umbrella, a cosmetic bag and more.

An envelope bag is an ideal model for a businesswoman or student. This bag is specially designed for carrying documents, books and tablets, it is not suitable for everyday wear. It can be chosen as a work option if you constantly have to carry important papers with you.

Messenger bag is another option for the business lady. Such a bag is only combined with business style clothes, so it is better not to use it for walking with friends or for shopping.

The messenger bag is a practical rectangular model with a long strap. Young girls especially like this look: the bag looks stylish and very comfortable to carry. The shoulder strap can be thrown over the chest, the bag does not slip and does not interfere.

The saddlebag is an original model, reminiscent of the timeless cowboy times. This is a stylish accessory that looks especially interesting if it is made of natural red mecca. Active women will love it, young girls can choose fringe models.

Hobo bag. This look is a shapeless bag made of a soft material with a medium length strap. Hobo is a fairly spacious breed, it fits as a shopping bag. However, it is best not to carry documents and other things that could crease or break.

A satchel is a small bag in the shape of a bag. It has a solid frame so it fits in the documents. Thanks to its special design, it will appeal to the connoisseurs of classics and retro style.

Backpack made of leather or textile. If earlier backpacks were preferred only by teenagers, today they have entered into force in everyday urban fashion for people of all ages. The backpack is worn on the back, such a bag allows you to loosen your hands. They are equipped with external pockets for small items, a handle for carrying in the hands as well as length-adjustable straps.

Reticule - A romantic handbag with a "kiss" -shaped clasp. The mesh can be used as a bag for going out, it is not very comfortable to wear everyday because of the large number of decorative elements.

An everyday carry-on bag ideal for lovers of shopping trips. A bag without a fastener is not particularly convenient for everyday carrying, as it is easy to lose small things.

These are just the main types of bags, the fashion world is much more diverse. Every year, designers surprise fashion with new discoveries, offering original collections of stylish accessories. To choose the right bag, you need to focus on a number of parameters.

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